5 Things Every Stationary Addict Needs

Paper. It’s one thing that I will always have a weird obsession with. There’s nothing better than walking into a store and coming out with a brand new notebook. When I first started my journey with “stationary addiction,” I was in grade school. I couldn’t wait until school started back so I could go buy all of my new school supplies. I was that child that begged for a brand new binder each year even if my old one was perfectly fine. As I got older and started college, I started a journey on trying to find a planner that helped me organize my ever changing stressful life into adulthood. Later, I will post about planners and do comparisons.

I learned about Erin Condren planners and decided to go for it. From all of the research I had done, I discovered YouTube videos about planners, yes, all about planners. Trust me, these are easy to become addicted to. From this new love for planners, came a whole new love for all stationary, not just your averageĀ bicĀ pens. If you are even slightly addicted to stationary, keep reading for five things you need to add to your collection!


Okay, okay, I know that I’ve already talked about planners, but if you don’t have one, you NEED one! It seriously will change your life, and even maybe save it. Like I said, I will be doing a post comparing some planners later on, but just to name a few, you could try out Erin Condren or The Happy Planner. Happy Planners are a little more budget friendly and they sell them at Michale’s or Hobby Lobby. If you decide to go for an Erin Condren, go ahead and customize one! Use this code to get $10 off.


I’m not talking about the stickers they give children at check out lanes at Kroger, I’m talking about stickers that are beautiful works of art for your planner! This changes your planner game. So what do you do with these stickers? You have a few options. There are stickers that are useful. For example, if you start planning, you are going to want to start planning every aspect of your life. You’ll feel so organized! That means if you have a cat, you will want to plan the days to change the litter. Instead of writing “change cat litter,” which most people will want to do, you can get one of these cute stickers just as a reminder. There are tons of stickers like this from homework due to doctor’s appointment.

Other than useful stickers like this, you can get monthly view stickers. These are stickers that do exactly what it sounds like, they decorate your monthly view in your planner. You can take your boring black and white view to something magical like a Disney theme!

There are even more stickers like weekly view or even cute words that help with organization. I order all of my stickers from Etsy. I’ll be doing a sticker haul soon so you can see my favorite shops!


Pengems are different than any other pens. They are stunning to look at, write smoothly and make you feel like you’re getting all of the benefits of regular crystals. If you are a writer, these will boost your creativity because they will make you WANT to write! So what exactly are Pengems? They are pens with gems (crystals) in the top. I currently have seven of them, and it’s hard not to buy more. The best part about Pengems is that they come out with different collections. They recently released the stargazer collection that is any galaxy lovers dream!

Travelers Notebook

I just recently got into Travelers notebook. They vary in prices. Mines from Amazon, after all, I am on a college budget, but I’m saving up for one from Chic Sparrow. The best part about travelers notebooks is the way they look. They have a leather look to the outside, with beautiful pages inside. There’s an elastic that goes around the outside to hold your journal together. This is perfect to take traveling but also works great for everyday journaling.


Okay, this is one of the bigger investments. I’m getting married next July and got a typewriter to use for my guest list. Little did I know how much I would love this thing! They are perfect for typing on pictures to add something a little more to each thing you journal, or just for typing out quotes on antiqued paper to hang on your wall. Aside from using this for journaling, I love writing. There’s something about typing on an old-fashioned typewriter that helps you get more words out on paper. If you do decide to invest in a typewriter, make sure to do your research. It took me awhile to choose one, but I am so happy I got the one that I did!

Overall, stationary is just a fun hobby with so many uses. Make sure you subscribe to the site to see all kinds of stationary posts coming soon!