Birchbox First Impression: Love It Or Hate It

First of all, subscription boxes are so much fun. There’s something magical about walking out to your mailbox, opening it up, and seeing that anticipated box. I enjoy subscription boxes for many reasons. One being, I get to try new products for a discounted price. I am a huge lover of Ipsy. Maybe it’s because I have a secret addiction to bags, or maybe it’s because of the products. Either or, I still love it. After researching for other cheap subscription boxes, I came across Birchbox. The gold September box immediately drew me in, so of course, I purchased it. I even found a coupon code, and ended up getting two boxes for the price of one!

When I initially opened the package, I was sad because the boxes were just plain. One was purple, and the other was pink. Where was the gold foil I was promised on the website? Already disappointed, I got out some scissors and broke into the box. The gold foiled box was directly under the average box. Excited again, I opened the other box. Directly in front of me sat two boxes filled with products I never knew existed.

I opened the free box first. Within the box, I received curl cream, BB cream, eye cream, primer, and a lipstick. I was happy with the BB cream, primer, and lipstick. The BB cream ended up being the perfect color. When I first saw the lipstick, I wasn’t too happy with the name. After all, it was called PB&J. I don’t think anyone wants to feel like they’re smearing a sandwich on their face. Aside from the name, I ended up loving the color. Not so much the feel of it, but the color was definitely good.

After going through the first box, I was ready to open the actual September box. I received Amika hair texture spray, BB Cream, eye cream, a face scrubber, and a strobing pencil. I loved everything, except for the eye cream. Getting two eye creams was a little much for my liking, but I can move past it. My favorite product was the Amika spray. If you have never tried Amika, you need to. Their products will change your life. Not only do they do amazing things for your hair, but they smell so good!

I am going to try Birchbox a few more times. I will say that Ipsy is still my favorite. There were some products that I received¬†that I could do without, but for $10, you can’t beat trying out these products! If you are wanting to try Birchbox for yourself, click here to sign up!