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Hello lovely people!

As most of you know, I am getting married! Even though my wedding is 20 months away, (who’s keeping count, right?) I am obviously so excited, so let the planning commence.

If you have ever planned a wedding or helped in planning one, you know how stressful (and might I add expensive) it can be. After staring at the Erin Condren Wedding Planner for about a week, I decided to make my own instead of spending $50. When you are getting married, you want to save as much money as possible.

If you are in the planning process and are looking for the perfect planner, read below to learn how to make the perfect wedding planner! A plus to making your own is that you get to personalize it to match you! This will leave you with something more special to look back on for your 10 year anniversary.

Price: Less than $20

What You Need:
-1.5″-2″ Binder
I chose this one from Office Max, but any binder will do!
Paper Protectors
-Dividers with Pockets
I got mine from Dollar Tree.
Pencil Holder
  Fill this with pens, highlighters and anything else you might need for your planner.
-Access to Printer
-Free Printable
I used these in cream for the majority of my binder.
For the guest list, I used these.
I got the calendar printable from here; for 2016, click here. For 2017, click here.

-Label Maker
You can use this to label the dividers, but if you don’t have one, a sharpie will work!
Binder Clips


How To:
The first step in creating your wedding planner is to print everything you need for your planner! You can find your own, or use the free printable’s listed above that I used.

After doing this, decorate your binder the way you want it! I inserted the “Our Wedding” page in the front of my binder. I cut some cute scrapbooking paper and inserted it behind the “Our Wedding” page to make it look a little more me. On the sidebar and back, I also inserted some more scrapbook paper. This is your time to get creative! Do what you want to it and have fun!

The next step is setting up your planner. You can set your planner up however you want!
To set mine up, I first decided on what I wanted my tabs to be. To give you a reference, I’ll tell you the exact order I did mine in, and what all I included in each tab.

In order from first to last:
-The first thing I have in my planner is my pencil pouch. In my pouch, I have a pen, highlighters, binder clips and sticky notes.
-After the pencil pouch, I have my calendar. I have all of the months leading up to the day of my wedding. For me, that is Nov. 2016-July 2018. On this, I just have an overview of things I need to get done and important dates! This is an easy way to quickly look at the months leading up to your special day!
-Next I have all of my tabs with content inside:
1. Timeline
-Timeline/To Do’s Page
-Wedding Planning Timeline
2. Financial
-Financial Page
-Wedding Budget Planner
3. Ceremony
-Ceremony Page
-Wedding Ceremony Details
4. Reception
-Reception/Venue Page
-Wedding Reception Details
5. Guest List
-Guest List & Seating Page
-Guest List Chart (4 copies)
6. Details
-Stationary Page
-Paper/Page Protector
-Attire Page
-Paper/Page Protector
-Beauty Page
-Paper/Page Protector
7. Inspiration
-Inspiration Page
-Paper/Page Protector
8. Day After
-Day After Page
9. Honeymoon
-Honeymoon Page
-Paper/Page Protector
10. Other
-Other Page
-Paper/Page Protector
-At the end of my planner, I have extra page protectors and paper.

I hope this DIY wedding planner helps you organize and plan for your special day! There will be more tips and tricks on planning your wedding coming soon, so make sure you subscribe to my email list!

Leave a comment with your tips on planning a wedding!

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