Thrifting with ThredUP – Cheap New Clothes

ThredUP has upped my thrifting game. Thrifting has always been one of my favorite things. I love finding deals on clothes, but I also love the idea behind acquiring someone else’s gently used clothes. Sometimes it can be hard to find “cute” clothes that are in good condition when thrifting. ThredUP changed this completely. If you don’t know what ThredUP is, get ready to be enlightened.

When you combine the idea of Goodwill with the style of Victoria Beckham, you have ThredUP. They easily aquire second hand clothing with the use of their clean out bag. To get a clean out bag, you simply go to ThredUP’s website, add one to your cart, and order it! The best part is that it is completely free. That means shipping and everything! Your bag will come in the mail fully equipped with a pre-paid label to ship back your package.

I know that you are wondering what you get out of this. For sending in your clothes, you get store credit, which means shopping time! The only catch is that your items you send in have to be in good condition. It can’t just be your shirt from college that you’ve been holding on to for ten years that have lovely holes all throughout. If you do send an item that is less than par, ThredUP will responsibly recycle the item for you!

Aside from ThredUP being great for people that love thrifting, ThredUP is great for those that just don’t have enough time in their life to make it out to the mall, or anyone wanting to save some cash and still get good quality clothes. Personally, I’m a college student that is trying to save some cash. I still want to try and make myself look a little presentable, so ThredUP helps me do that!

I recently had a little shopping binge with ThredUP. All of the pieces that I’m about to show you were under $13, the most expensive being the skirt (but it was new with tags!).

ThredUP Outfit One

I bought this striped top and this skirt in hopes that they would go together. Luckily, I think they work! I was surprised to find the skirt came with tags. You know what they means? I got a $60 skirt for $13 brand new! My only complain is that the skirt fit a little big in the waist, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed.

I loved adding the striped top to my wardrobe because it’s so versatile. It pretty much can go with anything. With the skirt, it’s seen looking very chic and feminine, but paired with skinny jeans and boots, the entire outfit changes!

ThredUP Outfit Two

So I’ve been hearing all of the hype about Luluroe for awhile now. Instead of spending $50 to try it out, I decided to get a few pieces from ThredUP. I normally go for a more muted style, and since the colors are so bright in this top, I was a little hesitant when ordering. Unfortunately, I will admit that this is not my favorite top, but I will still definitely wear it! Lularoe did surprise me at how soft the clothing is, and I love that about it!

I didn’t get a picture of my second Lularoe purchase, but it was a basic grey and white baseball t-shirt. I love this shirt! The fit is definitely better than the top pictured, but since it was a pretty “boring” top, I didn’t feel the need to show you that. You can see it in my ThredUP video if you’re interested!

ThredUP Outfit Three

So yes, this top is pretty boring, but I LOVE IT! The back is longer than the front and this works great because it’s such a flowy top. My favorite part about this shirt is the different textures. There’s basically three different textures. The sleeves are more starchy than the rest of the top. This shirt did not come with tags, but no-one would ever know that it’s not new!

ThredUP Outfit Four

This dress sums of my style in two, big, beautiful bell sleeves. Even though this dress is from a previous ThredUP order, it’s way too cute to not show. This dress is originally from Lulu’s. It’s perfect for a summer or spring day. I know that fall is coming up, but there is still a little bit of time to squeeze this piece in!

ThredUP has never disappointed me. I highly recommend you try it. To get $10 off of your first order, click here!

I hope that you fill your closet with wonderful second hand pieces! Happy thrifting!