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We Bought A House And It’s A Fixer Upper

Austin and I bought a house! We closed on it the beginning of January and still can’t believe that it’s ours. My dream was to have a house that we could work on and make our own. There’s something special about taking an older space that was once somebody else’s and making it your own!

A little about our house

The house was built in 1961, so it is considered an older home, but it’s in AMAZING condition. Well, it was, until we started ripping things up. Things have to get ugly before they get better! But isn’t that true in all aspects of life? I’ll be doing updates on the house and showing our progress on the blog when we start doing major remodels.

So far, we’ve ripped up the carpets and scraped off some wallpaper. We had a major HGTV moment when we ripped up the carpet and found the beautiful original oak floors in pretty much PERFECT condition! Obviously, they will need a little bit of refinishing, but nothing major!

The only room that needs new flooring is the den/kitchen area. For some reason, there was tile underneath the carpet in that room. It wasn’t pretty tile. You know the gray school tiles that remind you of elementary and middle school? Yeah, that kind of tile. We are putting engineered hardwood in that room. I’ll let you know where we get all of our supplies!

The bathroom is a fun little area full of pink tile! We are planning on living with it for awhile, and eventually painting the tile white. Fingers crossed it turns out good!

We are so excited about this step in our life together and can’t wait to take you on the journey with us. I’ll probably be doing weekly updates on the house (even the boring stuff), so bare with me!

Life update

In case you didn’t know, I have a YouTube channel and will be doing a full house tour on there once everything is complete! You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here! You’ll notice that I haven’t been making many videos lately (school and life got in the way), but I have big plans for my channel coming in the near future! Once I graduate in May, I’ll get back to a steady schedule of posting videos, so make sure you’re subscribed! Also, our house has a beautiful┬ábay window with a lot of natural light, so it’s kind of the perfect place for filming!

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